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The ECO TRAIN workshop  is a training for adults with sensory impairments. Covering the topic of sustainable ecological lifestyle. The project is funded by the Grundtvig sectoral program of EU’s Lifelong Learning programme, coordinated by the Human Resources Development Centre within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in Bulgaria.

The training includes one week interactive seminar program with theoretical and practical partin conformity with the educational needs of adults with sensory impairments. It was attended by 23 representatives of Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Croatia between the ages of 20 and 63 years, all of whom outside the formal education system. The training included participants (people with sensory impairments and their personal assistants) who had little or no experience in the field of sustainable practices and protection of the environment.

"ECO TRAIN" was held in the end of April and early May (28.04.2012 - 06.05.2012) In  Beklemeto district, approximately  20 km. Away from Troyan, Bulgaria.

The main objective of the workshop was to bringpositive change in the participants’ attitude towards nature preservation as well as to provide them with skills for sustainable lifestyle while reducing their personal “carbon footprints”.

The training gave the participants the chance for:

• Intercultural exchange for people with sensory impairments;

• Breaking down the stereotypes between the two groups of participants;

• Promoting tolerance and diversity in Europe;

• Facilitating access to information about the climate change and the organization of sustainable, ecological daily life;

• Raising the awareness and motivationof the participants;

• Promoting the well-established environmental practices;

• Motivating responsible behavior for the protection of environment.


The workshop  introduced the following topics:

• Introduction to climate changes - the science behind the phenomenon, presentation of climate change through digital sensor technology - Magic Planet;

• Sustainable life and energy efficiency. Change in lifestyle – possible, needed, funny - everyday habits, water, electricity, transport, waste;

• Ideas for reducingthe "personal carbon footprint" - What is "ecological footprint" and how each person can reduce their impact on the environment;

• Bringingnew life to old things by recycling: 3 RE - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

ECO TRAIN workshop is an innovative training which uses  the experience of  the successfully completed project "MUSICC - Multisensory Information on Climate Change" -, funded under the "Leonardo da Vinci" programme.. The guest speaker Mr. Lennox Adams from the Royal National College for the Blind, presented the Magic Planet - a modern 3-D visual technology, which illustrates in an interactive way the dynamic changes in climate and landscape of the planet. The technology used during the practical part of the workshop was adapted to the needs of participants with visual impairments and visualized the trends in climate change in the form of 3-D slides that showed the dynamics of the processes through touch.

This project is realized with the financial support of the "Grundvig Life Long Learning" Programme of the European Commission, administered in Bulgaria by the National Centre "European Youth Programmes and Initiatives". The contents of this publication does not reflect the position of the European Community,The Youth in Action Programme or NCEYPI.