Green Gate



From 29th of August to 04th of September 2010 "Infinite Opportunities" Association made the training "Green Gate", sponsored by the European Youth Foundation under the Council of Europe.
The main aim of this initiative was to stimulate young people's responsibility towards environment and make them realize that the future depends on us. The project took place in Sinemoretz village near Strandza Mountain and the mouths of Velleka river. With Green Gate IOA puts a special emphasis on awareness raising and the initiative use of resources, waste management and reuse. The "Green Gate" project was realized with the participation of organizations from eleven countries member of Council of Europe.
In the preparation, organization and realization of the project took part also four partner organizations: Turkey (TAKIM YILDIZI), Romania (Tineret Buzau 2007), Macedonia (The council of prevention of Juvenille Delinquency SPPMD) and Georgia (DRONI).