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  "Love & HateII: Youth for on-line tolerance" is the continuation of the first voluntary project of "Infinite Opportunities Association" called "Love & Hate" implemented within the framework of the "European Voluntary Service" and the "Youth in Action" Programme of the European Commission. Project activities are part of the international campaign against hate speech on the Internet, launched by the Council of Europe in 2012-2014.

By this project "Infinite Opportunities Association" seeks to protect human rights and European values ​​in the web, focusing on issues of mutual tolerance, cultural and ethnic diversity in Europe.

The one year project will include three main aspects - youth online activities, creation of information and awareness rising interactive materials, realization of presentations and discussions with students and youth, which will enhance the attention towards the dangers which hate speech poses in the online space.

To ensure the learning process of the volunteers we will use the methods of non-formal education through which we will increase their knowledge and skills to prevent and deal with the negative effects of the use of hateful messages online.

The main aspects of the three volunteers include:

  • Deconstruction of hateful messages;
  • Collection quantitative data on the manifestations of hate speech in Bulgarian online space;
  • Meeting and interviews with people affected by the manifestations of hate speech;
  • Creation of visual materials;
  • Bulgarian language lessons.

The campaign will be promoted mainly on the internet because of the nature of the target group - Internet users and the active online young people. Visibility of the project and each of his activities will be made available through the following channels:

The Voluntary service of Ida (Germany), Indre (Lithuania) and Iuliia (Ukraine) lasts from the beginning of December 2013 and will continue until December 2014.These three volunteers replaced the previous three from Lithuania, Cyprus and Spain, who were working on the first stage of the project from June 2013 until December 2013. 

The total grant received for the realization of the project from the “Youth in Action” programme is 12,825 Euro

This project is realized with the financial support of the "Youth in Action" Programme of the European Commission administered in Bulgaria by the National Centre "European Youth Programmes and Initiatives". The contents of this publication does not reflect the position of the European Community program "Youth in Action" or NCEYPI."